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Who we are?  

South Staffordshire Network for Mental Health (SSNMH) is an independent charity promoting and developing mental health services from the perspective of people who have an experience of mental illness throughout the six districts and borough of South Staffordshire.

The Charity's Mission is:

To improve the quality of life for individuals in the six districts of South Staffordshire, who have personal experience of mental distress by enabling user involvement, active representation, and a campaigning voice. We do this by:

  • Enabling service user involvement 
  • Active, meaningful representation 
  • Campaigning voice
  • Empowering people to have more say in service provision
  • Increasing awareness of choices and signposting & referring to other helpful services  

We are here to encourage and enable people to become involved in the way mental health services are:

  • Planned (new service or improvements to existing ones)
  • Commissioned (deciding who will provide it)
  • Delivered (how the service is provided)
  • Evaluated (is it any good?)

    What we do

    The SSNMH aim to: 
  • Promote the interests and rights of people who use mental health services in the area.
  • Ensure the involvement of mental health service users in improving existing services and developing new ones.
  • Act as an advocate for improvements in local services to reflect the needs and interests of local communities.
  • Increase accessibility to information relating to local and national services relevant to mental health.
  • Promote service user potential and recovery through supporting access to self development opportunities.
SSNMH we like to empower service users of mental health services.  We do this by:

SSNMH provide 4 core workshops to Mental Health services across South Staffordshire.  The 4 core workshops are:
  1. Mental Health Awareness - An overview of the medical and holistic model of mental health
  2. Ladder of Empowerment - An insight of how SSNMH can help you get on the ladder of empowerment
  3. Jigsaw - An overview of mental health services locally and nationally
  4. Care Programme Approach (CPA) - An overview of Care Plan's and what should be involved in a Care Plan
Improving Customer Experience (ICE) Surveys
The ICE is an in-depth survey of a mental Health service that you use. It's a great way of recognising what they do well, and what can be improved.  If you would like to do an ICE survey with a friendly member of our team, please call the office on 01543 301139 to arrange an appointment.

Care and Recovery Evaluation (CARE)
The CARE is a brand new service which we offer to all our members who have a Care Plan or Recovery Plan under the Community Mental Health Team,  Spend an hour with a member of our team to score your Care Plan against the standards and principles of person centred planning.  We will give ideas and pointer on how to strengthen your Care Plan and help you understand why a Care Plan is so important to you and your recovery.  Please call the office on 01543 301139 for more details.

Surveys/Focus Groups and Reports
Every quarter our team undertakes a survey on issues that our members have spoken to us about.  We will conduct a survey from which we will facilitate a focus group to find out your thoughts and suggestion on a particular topic. We will then conduct a report on the findings. Please see the 'Online Surveys' section in the left hand side panel. .  

If you would like a paper version, be part of the focus group or would like a copy of the report, please contact the office on 01543 301139.


The Toolbox Team will see people who would like help with their emotional well being and mental health and talk to them about their mental health journey and the support they currently have in place. They will create a 'toolbox' together and discover if there are gaps in the support they receive and look at the help available that can fill the gaps. Everyone is welcome to use the service and the friendly team have lots of useful information to share. We cover the following 6 districts: Stafford, East Staffordshire, Lichfield, Cannock, Tamworth and South Staffs. If you would like an appointment with our Toolbox team then please call 01543 301139 or 07806637522.  Alternatively, email Karen at or Beth on

  • Network News

    Download a copy of the latest Network News by visiting the Downloads Page. There, you will also find previous editions as well as other reports.

    Please contact us if you would like us to post or email a copy of the latest edition to you.

  • Mental Health Helpline

    The Mental Health Helpline for Staffordshire is open 2pm - 2am Saturday and Sunday and 7pm - 2am Monday to Friday every day of the year. This service is provided by Brighter Futures.

    Freephone 0808 800 2234